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Award winning Cherry Seed Oil is produced by slow roasting cherry seeds and pressing them into an oil by exacting European standards to ensure the richest, sweetest oil

Flavor profile: light yellow oil, tastes reminiscent of almond and marzipan

Smoke point: 260 degrees


Food analyst and nutritionists agree:

This oil should maintain the benefits of the cherry fruit! One of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories! Arthritis benefits, heart health, cancer protection, memory booster, high in beta carotene (19x more than strawberries!) and to top it off, cherries are known to be a sleep aid!

Favorite uses:   dunk cheddar cheese in it, mix with powdered sugar for a bakery glaze, drizzle over duck, chicken or ham. Mix with lemon juice for a wonderful salad dressing. Combine with soy sauce and lemon juice for an Asian dressing over fish or pork.

You may find Stöger Cherry Seed Oil becomes your secret ingredient! Enjoy~