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Award winning Chile Seed Oil is created from several different types of chile seeds. The seeds are pressed using exacting European standards to create this PURE oil.

Smoke point: 300 degrees

Flavor profile: Unlike other spicy oils you may have tried in the past, with this chile seed oil you will first experience the flavor before the heat comes to fruition. Striking red color and bold spicy heat.

Food analyst and nutritionists agree: chiles are a must in your diet! Rich in vitamins A and C and a great antioxidant!

Favorite uses: Keep on the table and drizzle into and over everything to spice it up a little. It will be the perfect flavored heat every time! Drizzle over eggs, into soups, into melted chocolate or add to popcorn oil!

Stöger Chile Seed Oil is devishly hot in an angelic way…. Enjoy~