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Organic Hazelnuts are slowly roasted at a low temperature and pressed into a PURE oil by strict European standards.

Smoke point: 430 degrees

Flavor profile: light amber oil with a nutty, savory flavor

Food analyst and nutritionists agree: hazelnuts contain nutrients that are essential for optimum health. Known to be rich in vitamins B an E and unsaturated fats including oleic acid. Marvel at the flavor while reaping the benefits of this culinary indulgence.

Favorite uses: great addition to your baked goods and salad dressings. Toss with peaches or pears and serve on your cheese tray. Puddle over soft cheeses and dunk bread or crackers. Mix with lemon juice or vinegar and drizzle over lettuce or kale. Use in lieu of butter, drizzle over roasted vegetables, meat and fish. Fabulous in risotto. Can be used to saute on med heat, in a recipe or to drizzle freely. Nothing says cozy like the flavor of hazelnut. Enjoy Stöger’s best-kept secret!