Once Upon a Time in Austria...

Stöger Oil has been produced with love and care by the Stöger family for generations in Neuruppersdorf, Austria. Their main crop is the Styrian pumpkin, a species grown only in Eastern Europe, which is harvested not for its flesh, but for its unique seeds: a dark green, hull-less seed that is prized for its tasty flavor and the oil it produces.

The Stögers have set the European standard for cold pressed oil, both from their own seed and other unique seeds and nuts across Europe. The Stögers select only the highest quality seeds from their harvest to ensure the highest quality oil.

The pumpkin seed oil process begins by singling out the finest seeds, separating them with state-of-the-art equipment that sorts them by size and color. These seeds are then slow roasted and cold pressed into pure oil. The Stöger family prides themselves on quality control when choosing other nuts, seeds or herbs to be pressed and claimed for the Stöger brand.

Stöger Oil was introduced to North America in 2009. The Stöger brand is fast becoming the superior product in North America for quality and flavor. Stöger is the leader for healthy living and clean eating.

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