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Local heirloom tomatoes (orange ones and ones that are red/brown) (2.5-3 lbs)
Submitted by: Tom Kennedy
Local cucumber (medium sized)
Local small white onion or use 1/3 of regular sized onion
tomato seed oil
Local fresh parsley
Local red sweet pepper (medium size)
1 clove of garlic
Heavy Cream
chile seed oil

Set your blender to “chop” setting do not puree because you want a little texture to the soup.
Blend-1/2 cup parsley, onion and peeled cucumber together and set in bowl.
Blend tomatoes and pepper and add to the bowl
Using a garlic press, press 1 clove of garlic into the contents of the bowl and stir
Add +- 3 teaspoons of tomato seed oil to the bowl and stir.

Cover and refrigerate at least 10 minutes no longer than 24 hours because the key is freshness-serve in chilled bowls with a splash of heavy cream on top and in the center of the cream a drizzle of chile seed oil for color and spice!

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